Influencer Training

Influencer Training

Learn everything about being an influencer with us here at Arctic Caprica. The course covers the following:

  • Setting up a blog
  • Blogging and content writing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Working with brands
  • Working with various social media apps (tik tok, Instagram, Twitter, interest, Youtube and Facebook)
  • Learning how to run effective ads
  • Building a following
  • Using organic marketing to grow the brand
  • Creating captivating content
  • Managing your social media calendar

If you are passionate about being your own boss this course is definitely for you! Our course is a 5-day course where you will learn everything about influencing online. The course is for ages 18 and above and above.

You will need the following items to get started:

You will also need to read how to write a blog to get the basic structure of blogging. Each part of this course is specifically designed to teach you the ins and outs of influencer marketing plus how to make it o your own. Influencer marketing puts you in control of your own business and can help you make effective deals in the future. The greatest part of influencer marketing is that you will have all the tools to basically run your own business. You don’t have to do this full time but if you make a success of yourself you can look at this as being your full-time position.

We will also cover brand deals, how to get them, negotiations on terms and of course payment. There are many methods to getting paid as an influencer and we can teach you how it all works. We will also teach you how to get paid by google, Facebook and other platforms depending on which way you decide to influence.

R5.000,00R30.000,00 Inc TAX

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