Custom Digital Design

Custom digital design

Custom digital design for all other design work that you wish to have customised according to you’re needs we have you covered. No matter which design you have the price stays the same. We offer designs for the following ideas:

  • Business cards
  • Logo
  • Letterheads
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Banners
  • Signposts
  • more

When it comes to design work you don’t have to hassle with finding the right designer when you look at Artcitc Caprica. Our designer has over 8 years of experience working in graphic design and can give you what you desire. Most of the time our clients will receive three different design ideas to choose from of which they will select the one which best suits them.

Once you are happy with the designs you will get three different copies in different formats and we can change the ink from RGB to CMYK for you while doing the design. CMKY allows you to be able to print according to the printer’s specifications on their printer. The formats you will receive it in are PNG, JPEG and PDF so that you may use the designs both online and offline. Upon request, we will also give the design in SVG format that you can add to your website or other online platforms if needed.

If you need designs for social media please check out our social media advertising and marketing package to know more.

*printing not included however we can recommend using Printlulu for all your printing needs. With them, you can actually upload the designs according to what you want to be printed and then directly print through them. They usually ship between 5 to 14 working days depending on the amount your printing. They have a custom uploading point where you can upload your image and view it on a digital product before printing, this way you know what you’re getting at the end of it.

50,00 Inc TAX