Organic Traffic vs Paid ads

In this article, you will learn the difference between organic traffic vs paid ads. This information works with search engines, and different social media accounts, such as Facebook. There are various methods to getting organic traffic to help grow your business online. However, these vary depending on your business type and which socials you wish to connect with.

Organic Traffic:

Organic traffic is the traffic your website and social media posts get readers/clients to your website. Particular to SEO as well as the hashtags system. Therefore you can gain organic traffic to your website, through different types of online marketing. These include things such as blogging, content creation, SEO on your products, SEO on your pages, and using hashtags within your industry. Platforms such as Instagram require you to use their Instagram stories daily for maximum success. You can build organic traffic accordingly by having hashtags in your Instagram stories.

For instance how you found this article through search keywords or our hashtags used on our social media. Using the same methods can be how your clients will find you too. The benefits of using organic traffic mean that you don’t have to pay an excessive amount in advertising what you are trying to do. Being creative in what you write will help to get the reader to stay on your site and buy your product or service. People want information and if you can provide information about your product or service, they are more likely going to get it from you.

Organic Traffic vs Paid ads

Paid ads for traffic:

Paid advertising is advertising that you will pay for per search engine or social media account. Advertising can take the viewers to either a service, product, blog, or other media directly to your website. Thus depending on which platforms you use and how you can get them to click through. For example, let’s say you want to advertise a good blog you have written. Firstly, you going to write your blog on your website. Then head over to google ads or your social media, run it as an ad (PPC) and see the outcomes you get from the results of the ad.

Each search engine and social media has a set price you can select per day or month depending on your budget. The trick is to get the right demographics, interests, user behaviours, and location of the user. What most people do wrong when it comes to advertising, is having a “whole world” outlook on the potential reach of the advertising. It is always best to start with your local audience and then start targeting the ones outside the area.

Pros and Cons of organic traffic vs paid ads:

Organic Traffic:

Doesn’t Cost moneyYour reach is limited by no paid campaigns
Reach people who are interested in the topic naturally Keyword or # based
You can view on your analytics which products/services people most needYou have to build the traffic over time
Easy SEO tools to help you build your service/ productsTraffic doesn’t always mean sales
Pros and cons of organic traffic

Paid ads:

You pay per click for advertisingReach those who might not have an interest
Easy to use methods to gain trafficCan get expensive if you don’t know what you are doing
Reach people globally with different advertising goalsYour ads will show at random, even to those not looking for your service or product
Sell your services and products globallyYou have to run longer ads to get a good effect
Pros and cons of paid advertising

Which platforms you can use to drive traffic:

Driving traffic from each platform works slightly differently, depending on what you are putting out there. However, each platform will aid you in both organic and paid methods. Gaining the right clients depending on what you’re selling, this article will give you those basics. If you are selling physical products, it’s best to stick with platforms that have a visual base for your media.

If you are writing articles with a lot of information about your service, you should go with a platform that is more article-based. Something like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest is great for the products you are selling. Something like LinkedIn and Twitter is great for services. Do some research, to find out which social media platform is most popular within your country.

Getting organic through social media platforms:

Instagram: Organic traffic

Instagram has two main methods to get organic traffic to your website. The first is putting content-ready posts that link to either a product/service. The second is Instagram stories, where you can use a specific method to grow your platform. Growing it organically won’t happen overnight and it takes time to build the audience you are looking for. There are finer details in getting Instagram to work better such as commenting on people’s posts. Liking around 120 -150 posts per day, and of course, replying to those who comment on your posts. You can get some pretty cool tools that can help you build your account and direct your traffic depending on what you offer.

Instagram posts should have hashtags and links to the products/services/content you offer. This helps them fall in the categories, Instagram’s algorithm works in the background. It is pretty simple to use Instagram stories, and you should upload a story every single day for maximum reach.

Twitter: Organic traffic

Twitter can be a powerful tool to grow your business organically if you use the hashtag system just like Instagram. These tags need to be within the Twitter pool of hashtags that is mostly used on Twitter. Let’s say that you have a beauty business and you wish to reach those within your area. the hashtags you could use would be #beauty, #eyeliner and #myarea (your area where you are based.) Try to look for hashtags that are in a mediocre tag group in order for those interested in your product/service to see the posts.

YouTube: Organic traffic

YouTube can help your business depending on what your business goals are. If you find that your product or service can better be explained or demoed in a video this tool would be great. YouTube has three powerful organic tools that can help you get noticed on YouTube.

Make 10 min videos – this works great to capture your audience type
Do ads only for around 1 min – 3 min if you are going to use them to advertise on the platform
Makes your longer videos in-depth about your product or service

On the whole, you need to post at least once a week to YouTube for your channel to be a success but it needs to be content worthy. At the end of the day, the audience that you bring in from YouTube can also become your client base. Due to the algorithm on YouTube, there are many different things people look for information on.

Useful information to help you

There are many different social networks out there that you can use to build your business, the most important is to give quality content to your audience type. All these platforms work with a monitorization tool that is built into their networks. The algorithm allows business owners to grow their reach with these tools. Each tool is different according to which social media you decide to use.

Taking your business online is not an overnight process, it takes much planning and research. Setting goals and priorities for building your online business can help you achieve this. You will need to plan out how much work it takes you to do and work according to a strategy. All in all spending at least one day a week, on your online goals will help you build the brand you have dreamt of from the start of your journey.

Honestly, in short, at the start of your journey, it may seem overwhelming because there might be a lot to do. Eventually, you will learn the tricks that work great for you to plan out everything you need to do. Of course, there are many different methods out there, it comes down to how much time you are willing to put into it.

Making easy ads at a low cost:

Link in bio – Cheap and easy tool to use to be able to get all your social media platforms integrated easily. Furthermore, this tool can help you connect with your audiences and show all the links you have attached to your posts on products and services.

Canva – Use this to be able to create short ads both video and images. Create and upload easily to all social media accounts that are connected. Ultimately Canva has two types of subscriptions, the free and the pro version. With the free you are limited to what you can use on the platform, obviously, pro works well and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

In summary, these two together you should be well on your way to creating beautiful posts and making your experience better.

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