How to trick the platforms

In this blog, I will teach you how to trick the platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and even LinkedIn. Firstly you will learn the core fundamentals behind social media marketing and how these tips and tricks can help your business. By now I am sure you are aware that every social media platform has a different system and algorithm. Secondly, you will learn why this is all needed for your business.

There are things that each algorithm looks for in good content to be able to put out there to the general public. As you know the hashtag became famous for this reason. However, it’s not only about how to trick the platform. What the platforms are looking for is user engagement and how they engage with your brand.

Pre-plan your work ahead of time

How to trick the platforms

What you want to do is pre-plan how you will do this and what goals and objectives you want. Preplanning can actually help you better understand just what you are giving and getting from your clients. What all platforms are looking for is how much time they can keep you interested in them. This is why you need to create healthy content for your business.

Using content on how to trick the platforms

How to trick the platforms using content can be pretty simple if you become wise at where you want your traffic from. There are many different things you could try to trick the platforms. Some of these things as blogging, quotes by famous people, artwork or even campaigns you running. This is why it’s important to have a social media calendar where you plan it out.

For example:

  • Monday – Posts about services/products
  • Tuesday – Blog about products/services
  • Thursday – Throwback meme
  • Friday – Post about a product/service
  • Saturday – MemeSunday – Blog

Learning how to trick the platform using hashtags is also important You want to use a mixture of popular and unpopular hashtags to be able to drive the traffic you need. Don’t get only top hashtags because it will have to compete with millions out there posted the same day.

After your designs are done and you have all the information about your posts. Then go use a scheduling tool such as Hootsuite or use the platform’s natural scheduler. Post all the content daily at a set time and don’t forget to use those hashtags.

Conclusion on how to trick the platforms

In conclusion, if you wish to trick the platforms you need to have content coming out daily, weekly or monthly. It’s better if it’s daily because they then see your busy making an effort with your brand. The platform will then suggest you organically to users who would be interested in your products/services.

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