How to do content marketing

What is and how to do content marketing, the quick guide to your online success. I am sure, you have spent some time on either a social media website or perhaps read a few blogs or articles online. Looking deeper into what people post on their sites and socials has a lot to do with content marketing. Content marketing is creating quality content to grow and expand your brand. There are a few key factors that go into creating content which we shall discuss.

Each social media site has unique functionalities and works with various algorithms. These allow users who want to know more about your products to actually see your brand out there. The more content you put out and create the higher the chance of getting your brand noticed. With your website together with your socials, you can get the right content out to your audience too.

Different types of content marketing

There are various types of content marketing that can help you grow your brand online.

  • Video – creating video content that gives the consumer enough information about your product or service. In reality, you need to create videos that work with social media. Despite the fact that people have a short attention span, you should get quality over quantity.
  • Blogging or writing articles – writing detailed articles or blogs about your brand, product or services. Since you will be blogging, you should match the exact criteria to write that blog. Writing a blog is similar to writing a very long essay. Furthermore, you should add images or other media to rank your SEO.
  • Use of media – pictures etc. – using pictures with great text inside giving information about your brand, product or services
  • Banners – making use of banners for your social media every time you have an update for your brand, product or services

How to do content marketing
How to do content marketing

How to do content marketing

Firstly you would need a few things such as the content itself. Secondly, you need to schedule a time when you will be preparing, scheduling and posting this content. To keep your audience interested it is good to mix and match your content on your socials. A lot of content marketing is preparing and scheduling that content so it would be wise to have a social media or content creation calendar. Lastly would make sure that you market that content daily on your socials, such as Instagram stories, Facebook stories, Linkedin Stories etc.

Creating Content

As discussed there are many forms of content creation these are a few examples. Let’s look a little more into the details of this:

Videos – 10 min long

For example, you can make short videos to post to your socials and website that explain your product/service. The videos need not be an hour nor do they have to be ” fancy.” Firstly, a video can engage more with your audience type due to the fact that they have seen it all in action. As a matter of fact greatest part of the video is that you can post it to Instagram tv, YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest and even Facebook. Add in the right titles, and descriptions and talk about the critical points of your product/service, and it will pick you up and show you off to the world.

Articles and blogging – around 300 + words

Articles and blogging will help you in many ways to get attention from the right audience type. You can go into detail about your product/service better. The layout of the course is important and you can read more on how to write a blog. Not everyone likes videos because they don’t like to be in front of the camera, this is why blogging can be an alternative. Each blog that you write will aid in your website SEO and give consumers information about your products/services. You should blog about once a week to keep up the momentum of your website health.

Graphics/ Media – don’t forget your branding

Graphics such as pictures can help you grow your brand, how you may ask. Well, let’s say a client bought a product from you and they are super happy about it. Uniquely asking them to send you a picture of something they are doing with that product with a short review will get new consumers excited too. In conclusion, posting a picture of the review to your socials about a happy client will also boost your monitorisation from your social media platforms in effect.

Banners – for your socials

To clarify if you are using Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube for your business they all have banners on their pages and channels. Updating these banners every time you have something on its way, when it’s launched or after its launch will help users see more into your business. These banners can help those who are interested to see your specials coming up, planned media you will post and updates about your brand. Banners can also help boost your client’s interest in your business.

Content marketing examples:

This blog you are reading now is a good example of content creation, as it gives you a layout of our brand and services. However, if you visited a YouTube channel recently you would see videos creators make as content. Content is about information and giving that information out to the end-user.

To conclude on “how to do content marketing” I should add that you need quality content. It’s not as simple as making short clips and hoping it will pick you up. For the most part, likes and comments will help to tell the algorithm to who to connect you. Mostly it’s up to you and how you want your brand portrayed. To help you make content easier you can use Canva which is a tool to make the graphics and videos easily.

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