Event marketing basics for your business

Today you can learn the event marketing basics and how it can help you run a smooth and successful event. Events can be stressful especially if you have little to no experience in working with them. Event marketing is no different from other marketing types, just that you should prepare well in advance for it. These events, whether online or offline, should inform through various channels.

Event marketing basics planning 101

Marketing an event takes a lot of planning and ensuring you have everything set up before advertising it. There are a few essential vital points you should stick to when starting with marketing such as length of advertising, budget and of course the digital side. Planning an event is no easy task and much goes into an event this is why I want to give you some pointers in order to help you with your event.

event marketing basics
event marketing basics

Start event marketing advertising early

Advertising is a big part of marketing an event and should be done at least six months before the event. The earliest you can advertise for an event is three months before but it would be pushing the advertising then. It will determine how many people get to see the event and what’s great is that online you are able to track who sees the event. By simply installing google analytics and Facebook pixel to your website you are able to see where the ads go the most. Advertising can be tricky to start off with but once you get a hang of the platforms it’s fairly easy to advertise with them. You should also know who your target audience is and where they are coming from.

Have a dedicated advertising budget

Have a dedicated advertising budget for your events as it will help you know how much you are willing to spend on advertising. There are many different platforms as well as types of advertising both online and offline. You could print flyers for your advertising to and hand them out to people you think would be interested in attending the gig. Using social media can also be a powerful tool and you should dedicate a little part of your budget to a campaign on social media. A good average for advertising on social media should be around R3000.00 per month (200 USD) to get maximum results within your advertising.

Think out your advertising plan

Personally, I use a digital marketing calendar and an advertising plan to help predict where my advertising would be going. Decide which social media you wish to have ads running and select your budget for each social media. Remember that Twitter and Facebook prices vary depending on how much you are willing to put into advertising online. It would be good to start off with one advertising platform in the beginning and then enhance it towards the end of your advertising to two or three to get maximum exposure of all platforms.

Plan social media for event marketing

Design yourself a simple digital marketing calender using word or google docs to show which posts should come out when. If you want your events and things to show more organically you would put up at least one to two posts per week on social media. Build a hype around the event monthly towards the event and closer to the date put out three or four posts to help build some traction for the event. A digital marketing calendar will help you know what to say and when to say it to your audience. For example, if you are having an event with many artists playing you could put out a post weekly about which artists will be coming around.

Use hashtags

Hashtags tell social media platforms where your posts should appear and give direction to your audience. They are a powerful tool to also let your audience know about the type of event your having and where it could be. Add hashtags that are related to the event and don’t forget to tag in things such as the venue and those important figures that will be attending the event.

Use word-of-mouth for event marketing

Word of mouth is the most powerful tool in advertising and marketing and can be used widely for events. The more people talk about it the better the exposure to the event. So get talking to anyone and everyone that you know will be interested in the event. People want to engage in events as it gives them something to do and perhaps in some cases something to learn from. Post your stories daily to make sure people are aware of your event and that they see it daily.


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