Content creation made easy

In this article, you will learn content creation made easy using Canva. I never had a true understanding of design and marketing until Canva.

What Is Canva and how can it help you?

Canva is a really easy program in general, with multi-functions and it shows you how everything works. They also have a section where you can learn and do courses about Canva and graphic design. The website offers a wide variety of creative tools and content. You can make almost anything in design such as:

Presentation templates media files to social media printable asset stranding materials Advertising materials and more

Content creation is made easy using Canva for your business

Content creation made easy

Furthermore, with Canva content creation, it is easy to make logos and business materials for your business. In this case, you can do any design you want, and play around with your design. You can upload images, videos and even sound clips to use. There are further animation effects that you could have for presentations and more. Also, you can change the text and colour style, with lots of functions to pick from.

How to create your monthly Facebook posts for business:

Firstly, create an account with Canva for free or buy the pro version for more features. Today’s example is how Canva helped me and made it easier to do my Facebook post designs. Secondly, give yourself a goal of what you want to create today. Thirdly, it is easy because you can make many duplicates of your designs.

Tools you will use for Content creation made easy :

ImageSquare – elements add a heading, ad a subheading, add a little bit of body text – TextTransparency

Step 1: Content creation made easy

Chose the Facebook post option

Open Canva and navigate to the social media tab under the search, then click on “Facebook post.”

Step 2: Content creation made easy

Select an image and scale the image to fit it.

Add an image behind and scale it to fit the sheet. In the top left, there is an option to change transparency. Change the Transparency to 60% or less depending on the colour depth of the image.

Step 3: Content creation made easy

Add box

Add a box in front of the image, and change the colour, size and transparency to your liking. You can add other shapes to it as well, for this tutorial I am using a square with round corners.

Step 4: Content creation made easy

Write the text you want

Add the desired text you particularly wish to have and change the font styles and colours to your liking. Remember to try to go according to your colour theme by all means get creative as you like.

Step 5: Content creation made easy

Align everything

Select everything all together and position and tidy up everything to how you want it to sum up. Today I am going to centre it all. The guidelines in the post help a lot to get a perfect size and to know where to put everything.

Step 6: Content creation made easy

Make all changes to the spelling, grammar and other small changes. In addition, you can also use adobe colour to get a theme to work with if your lacking ideas. If you are smart you will duplicate the first one and just change images and text as a result to make a month’s worth of posts. After you are happy with everything then you can check each post is correct.

Conclusion of Content creation made easy:

To conclude after you are done you can just download the file or share it directly on social media. It helps a lot with the posting to your planners, when all the post is pre-done you can just post them. Equally important it’s super easy and saves automatically while you are busy and you can add your team players to it. I hope that you learn more about using Canva in your business.

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