5 advertising ideas for beginners

Here are five advertising ideas for beginners that will help you start to advertise. The tips and tricks you will learn here will teach you how to connect with your audience too. You see everyone is structured differently when it comes to advertising. Some ads are made for some type of people and others for another type of people. However, no matter who you want to target you need clear and informative ads.

5 advertising ideas for beginners

5 advertising ideas for beginners

Getting started with advertising ideas

Ideas can flow once you sit down with yourself about what you are going to do. Firstly you need to decide what is the end goal for your ads.

Let’s say you have an ice cream shop and you want to reach the local demographic of those within 7km from your business. You are opening soon and would like to get the word out there to everyone who can come. For this opening, you have planned specials for kids, teens, students, and pensioners and even have an added special for mum and dad.

Secondly, you have decided that you want to make use of all social media types and of course offline marketing too. However, you don’t have a big following on social media and nor do you have a large emailing list. Having allocated a budget for both types of advertising you then plan out each scenario per the budget.

1: Advertising the specials using coupons

Coupons are a great way to get more feet to your premises and to get more to know about you. Ideally, you would make this coupon only available for the first month of opening this then will force consumers to make a choice before that date.

2: Run an opening special competition

Opening specials would be the best way to bring in clients as it will pique their interest to know your brand. Creativity thrives when you break down the demographic, which could have you design the right ads. An example could be that you give kids under the age of 12 free sprinkles or group specials.

3: Reaching to the younger audience with raffels for charity

What is great about working with charities is that it doesn’t have to be a one-time thing. For example, you could run a constant special where if they buy XYZ product then 5% etc will be donated to ABC charity. Therefore leaves consumers wanting to not only buy for its glory but because it helps others too. Raffles could make a play, especially at schools where kids could enter to win something at your shop. In exchange, all the proceeds would then go to a specific charity.

4: Putting flyers out

Flyers work if you put them out to the right clients, there are many different flyer types out there. Perhaps making flyers and a few posters to hang around town would be a great start. Have flyers delivered to each person’s home within the 7km of your business to get started? Attach posters at schools, community centres and of course local shopping malls and centres.

5: Getting some daily promotional workers

Daily promotional workers can help spread a more personal and friendly tone to your business. These promoters could be handing flyers out or perhaps seeing business owners. Everything you could push with promotional workers as they are the voice of your company. Promotional workers can go to campuses and schools, local parking lots etc.

Where can you start these advertising ideas?

The thing about advertising and marketing is that it is a daily thing you need to do. If you are heading toward a special event or date it would be wise to start a few months in advance with advertising. Social media is one of the many tools you can use to get the world to know about anything. Additionally, you would be able to advertise using different platforms. Not all social media have an advertising side to their business and only work with organic traffic.

Coming to offline advertising, your goal could be to get some printed materials and hand them out. Most importantly, you want your clients to come with a drive to buy.


In conclusion, I would to top it off by saying that you need to target both online and offline audience types. “It takes money to make money” is a popular saying which is true, you need to advertise to bring in clients.

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